A Course in Magick: Intro to Magick


There are a good many questions people normally ask about Magick. Some of it is just for clarification, and some of it is for those that truly don’t know what it is. In the media you use to only see the bad. Then Hollywood latched on to it as part of pop culture. When they did, they did as they normally do and ran with it half cocked. Most everything dealing with magick in TV and Movies is butchered and fake. The truth of it only comes from those who have been practicing since before it was popular in pop culture television and movies. Instead of having your normal rule by rule introduction to magick here, I’m going to try instead to answer commonly asked questions about it. If you have a question that I don’t answer here, ask it in the comments below and I will answer it as soon as I can.

What is Magick?

Magick is the naturally abundant energy in the world. Humans, plants, animals, sun, moon, and stars all produce way more energy then they ever use. Those who use magick have learned to harness this energy in order to cause changes through out the known worlds.

Is Magick Evil?

The honest answer is not as black and white as some might proclaim. Magick is just an abundant and/or stagnant energy that is not being used. It cannot heal and it cannot kill on its own. It has to be programmed and directed to do things like that. That programming and direction comes from the person using it.

What is the Three-Fold Law?

A lot of people think the three-fold law is a law of magick that says whatever you send out comes back to you times three. This is not actually accurate. The three-fold law was called such because it contained three different prices you pay each time you use magick.

The first price is the price of balance. As everything in nature must always be balanced, so it is also with magick. If you heal someone who is dieing, then someone else that is healthy must die. This is how the balance is kept. It does work both ways, so keep it in mind when your thinking of the price that must be paid.
The second price is the price of Health. Magick affects your Mental and/or Physical well-being. There’s an old saying that anything you do will always affect you personally and Magick is no different.Whether you are affected Mentally or Physically there is no way to predict. Sometimes you don’t even notice the price being paid until years down the road.

The final price to be paid is the price of energy. As it was said before Magick is a naturally abundant energy that is always there. Tapping into this energy is how we cause our changes, but to do so requires that we learn to tap into our own personal energy as well. Therefore energy must be paid.

Which Path is the Best?

There is no correct path when it comes to Magick. Wicca, Druidism, Satanism, Luciferianism, etc are all religions and philosophies. They teach you how to think, and sometimes what to think. In the end though, there is not set path for Magick. It’s your choice in how you use it, why, and when. Those choices are yours.

Please remember to let me know about any questions you have so I can get them answered!