Herbal Remedies?

HerbalThis article has been inspired by a conversation with a friend of mine. I want to talk about how important herbal remedies actually are. Many people now days go to see a doctor for everything, they get hyped up on all these drugs, or they buy the drugs from others so they can get high off them. The entire time they fail to understand what they are doing to themselves. Today we are going to take a look at the difference between ancient medicine and modern, and in doing so I hope that you will come to realize why “modern medicine” can actually be very bad for you.

Ancient Medicine

In ancient medicine, also sometimes called herbalism, it was much harder to diagnose the ailment. There was no way in order to examine the blood stream, no xray’s or MRI’s, Cat Scans, EKG‘s or anything else like that in order to diagnose the ailments of the body. Instead, they relied solely on their sense of sight and touch in diagnosing people.
That is not what is important however, what is important is that the practice of ancient medicine was less likely to kill you as it made one issue go away. Instead they used herbs that would treat one specific part of the body, or one specific issue within the body.

A lot of people are probably asking themselves “How is that different from today?” Actually it is a lot different from the way things work today. See back then, they didn’t worry about how many different ailments there were or how many different mixtures could treat them. For instance if you were sneezing a lot, then they would treat the nose directly instead of trying to figure out just what would stop the sneezing. In this manner, they produced more long term cures than short term.

Modern Medicine

In today’s society we rely heavily on doctors and various other physicians to diagnose any ailments we may have. They run tests with machines that are 98.9% accurate. After diagnosing an ailment, rather recommending an herbal supplement that can treat it or the afflicted area, they prescribe chemical compounds that generally temporarily get rid of the problem and tend to lead to more problems. Two very common side affects of the Drugs prescribed and bought over the counter are Ulcers and Liver failure.

If you read the packaging on Aleve or Neproxen or even Ibuprofen you will find where it says that taking too many of them can eat through your stomach lining. Now as for me, I have to wonder how many is too many? And if these simple over the counter pain relievers can do this much damage, how much damage are the prescription drugs actually doing? Most commonly from prescription drugs comes liver failure. Why? Simple, your pumping foreign chemicals into your body that have no way out except through the liver. When enough of them get into the liver, it begins to fail, swell, etc.

These and various other serious issues can occur from the stop gaps used by modern medicine. Yes, I said stop gaps. That’s all they really are after all. There is no money in a cure, and today’s physicians are not doing the job just to help people, they are in it to make money. For a lot of them, there is no money without the drugs they recommend either as they get paid by drug companies.


Personally, I can see the point in going to a doctor for a diagnosis, however I would recommend finding an herbal treatment for the ailment instead. A lot of people say better the devil you know then the one that you don’t. Truth is, Drugs are the devil we don’t know and herbs are the one that we do. How many people are you going to let them play with your life before you decide to take charge of it?


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